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I just wanted to say thank you to National Auto Academy for my training! I have never been in auto sales and had no idea what to expect.  I took the training course with Mike and went out to pursue my new career.  Much to my surprise, absolutely EVERYTHING that Mike taught us and told us what to expect was spot on.  It's been 30 days since my training and starting my new career.  I got hired on at the dealership of my choice and I sold 17 cars and had a large amount of gross!!  We have 20 salesmen and I out sold most of the Veterans -- I am absolutely amazed.  I can only contribute my success to National Auto Academy.  Again, thank you so much!!!

Jenn R.

I just wanted to give everyone an update.  I am extremely happy working in the auto industry.  I am having lots of fun selling cars, and meeting new customers.  It's a wonderful thing selling my clients something that they actually need.  And, I owe it all to the training that I received from National Auto Academy.  They prepared me for almost every situation that I would come across.  Between NAA and my on-the-job training, I feel totally confident handling any, and all situations that come my way.  P.S. - It has been great knowing you.  You stay in contact with me, and that's invaluable.  It feels good to know that I'm not just another paying customer, and that National Auto Academy actually cares, and follows up.

Creiss W.

Making the decision to attend National Auto Academy was one of the most rewarding career decisions I have made.  Mike was a great instructor.  He really provided in depth insight on how to be successful in the car sales business.  I was hired with Nissan and started the following week of completing my course.  My National Auto Academy certificate is displayed proudly in my office.  Thank you National Auto Academy for providing me with the opportunity to exceed in an industry that has no limits!

Danyelle M.

My name is Bruce, and I've had excellent experiences with National Auto Academy.  I had auto sales training in 2012 in NJ with a great instructor named Mike.  In March of 2015, I decided to get back into the auto business since I quit my old job at the end of 2012.  Lia from National auto Academy’s Alumni Department helped me find a new job! She also mentioned that I have lifetime support from National Auto Academy and provide me an interview at a great highline luxury new dealer in NJ.  I got hired and work there now.  Great People! Great cars! Good Company! Again, thanks a lot for the service from National Auto Academy. GREAT GREAT PROGRAM!

Bruce J.

National Auto Academy helped me with my first job in USA.  Chris is a good trainer and helped me in learning a lot about car sales and the industry.  His training secession was fun to attend and was very informative.  Thanks to Chris an NAA!

Joseph S.

Great course!  Learned a lot about the car industry!

Leyhan H.

Thanks to National Auto Academy, I have finally achieved one of my goals of being a professional car sales/leasing consultant.  Since day three on the sales floor I have been selling cars with little previous knowledge of cars or trucks.  National Auto Academy taught me the skills I needed to succeed in the car business.

Paula G.

National Auto Academy did a phenomenal job teaching last week's class at Toyota.  I went in with a little fear at first as Auto Sales is new for me.  The instructor put me at ease immediately, reassuring me that I would do just fine.  He made the class entertaining and funny.  He was flexible and very responsive to student questions.  His walk-around presentation with the Toyota Prius was quite humorous.  My appreciation goes out to National Auto Academy for their valuable insight and expertise.  After the 3-day course, I can go into Auto Sales with tremendous enthusiasm and confidence.

David S.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate National Auto Academy helping me get this job at Chevrolet!!  I love it there, and I love everyone I work with.  I'm so glad I was given this chance.  I say this because I sold my first car today and it felt great, and my customer told me that they came to buy the car because they liked me so much, unlike all the other sales people at the other car dealerships they saw.  That was the greatest feeling ever!!  It was amazing because Gary, my manager, hasn't even officially put me on the sales floor yet.  I can't wait to see you guys when you come down again, and again thank you for this opportunity.

Melissa N.

The staff working at National Auto Academy was a great help to the students, and they met my highest expectations.  Chi was an amazing teacher; he showed his confidence in us and helped us through the class.  He also covered all the ins and outs of the business of car sales.  The hands on experience with the feature benefit walk around and acting out scenarios in class was lots of fun.  Overall I feel that Chi made this class an amazing experience with all of his great knowledge.  I would advise anyone who is looking to be in the car sales business and succeed with plenty of knowledge to take this class.

Steven S.

The training I received from National Auto Academy was excellent!  They were very interactive and knowledgeable; they gave us tricks and very good tips to help us in the learning process.  I wish my teachers in high school would have been more like them.  Chi is actually a huge reason to why I came back the numerous days.  I related a lot with him and thought he did a fantastic job of explaining and tutoring the class.  The Penske group was on top of their game when they chose National Auto Academy.  Thank you to the Penske group for printing out the booklet with all the notes also (my handwriting isn't the best) it helped a lot and I still refer back to it and will continue to do so.  I think it is amazing that by passing the class I have other options then where I am now.  And it opens up other doors and opportunities for me to further my career in the automotive industry.  I am happy to be a part of the Penske team and hope to move up the corporate ladder to further better myself as well as the company.  Also every person who has contacted me via phone from National Auto Academy was very helpful and nice and was very respectful.  (For me, that goes a long way).

Nick C.

I just want to thank you to National Auto Academy for the very interesting and useful course which not only gave me an opportunity to start my new carrier, but also let me do it the most efficient and productive way possible.  As a result, my training time was less and I started on my own after two weeks of training.  In my first two weeks I sold 8 cars!

Alexey D.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how appreciative and grateful I am for the training you provided me.  Your staff, especially Lauren from the Alumni Department, was very attentive to my constant needs.  Lauren has proven to be great client oriented representative and all the hard work and time she spent with me is paying off today.  If it were not for my training at the academy and Lauren, I wouldn't be sitting in a position where I am today.  I am very grateful to have worked with Lauren and had an opportunity to attend the program.  I would recommend this program for anyone who is looking to make a career move into the auto business.

Eric B.

Being enrolled in the National Auto Academy classes/program has really given me a good jumpstart on selling cars in this diverse market of selling.  It was the thing that gave me the confidence and attitude to get me on the right path to getting a slight edge in the competition with other sales people who were just fresh with no training.  It gave me enough background information on the best way to sell cars to people and make a good career out of this job.  I just went on a limb and took these classes with no sales experience at all before now.  It was a good decision and now it is definitely paying off.  I would recommend this program for anyone with little or no experience in sales or the car business to get a good start on becoming a great sales professional!

Cory R.

My experience with National Auto Academy has been nothing but amazing.  They offered me the best training and I got hired immediately after graduating.  The help that I've been receiving from Lia has been nothing but mind blowing.  I've received help with placement at a new dealership and much more.  I recommend National Auto Academy to anyone looking for a great start to your career in the car business.  I have been nothing but successful ever since I graduated from here.  I am so thankful for their business and for all the help that I've been receiving.

Michael R.

National auto academy was awesome and it’s really great.  Definitely take a chance.  It works and it’s good.  Lucia was an amazing teacher and I learned a lot. Amazing!

Melvin V.

I really learned a lot from sales classes with National Auto Academy.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made.  They have great instructors and are very knowledgeable.  I also was very impressed with one of the best customer service experience.  Lia is the best! She walked me through process and helped me to find a job after I finished class.

Rasim K.

I was looking for a career change and decided to take the sales class offered by National Auto Academy.  My instructor Chris did a great job teaching the course.  I feel he has gone above and beyond in helping me.  Everyone I have dealt with at National Auto Academy are extremely professional and I am comforted in knowing that they will work tirelessly to get me placed.  Thank you National Auto Academy!

Frances L.

The training class was great.  Frank was an excellent instructor.  His no nonsense attitude and straight forward, direct manner was really refreshing.  I'm just getting started with my new career, but thanks to Frank I feel prepared for success.

Evan M.

Enjoyable experience.  Leah scheduled an interview for me at a local dealership.  Once I arrived, Mike, the trainer, explained everything, and made it clear that I would be spending more than a few pennies to take a three-day training course in which I would be given the opportunity to decide whether or not the auto industry was for me.  I found the classes interesting, so I paid the $700.  I have been hired, but there is still more training I have to do, which is good; it means the company cares about its employees and its product line.  The training is intense, but quite informative.  Unless I get fired before the trial period, I will recoup the money I put down for the classes.  It is important to note that the National Auto Academy does not train you for a job, but for a career.  The $700 goes not only toward course materials, but toward sales certification and licensing--such as what you find when applying for a real estate or insurance salesperson position.  If you are seeking a career, this opportunity is a winner.

Duane L.

I live in NJ and have attended the NAA class the past week for 3 days.  I have learned a lot in the car industry and have been hired right away after the classes.  If you wanna switch to a new career, NAA can make it for you especially with Experienced Trainer like Lucia who I recommend for everyone.  Classes were fantastic with valuable and precious information.  Good Luck to everyone and Thanks to NAA!

Raymond S.

Great experience working with the team! Luicia was a very experienced professor and Lea and Tiffany have been very helpful with setting up interviews and helping me find the right fit! I couldn't thank them enough for all their hard work and patience! National Auto Academy is definitely a great investment!

Jamel J.

Lucia is an excellent instructor.  She is hands on with every student and pulls the best out of you.  Glad to have gone through her training and I am very confident in my future with the business because of her.

Chiz L.

This was a new experience, and I couldn't have it any other way.  Very detailed information that can get you along way.  Frank is a great instructor.  Thank you!

Lee F.

I responded to an ad online for car salespeople and didn't think much of it until I went in for a pre-screening with our trainer, Frank D.  He was convincing, very detailed and personable.  Already during my first week of employment, things have gone almost exactly as he set out in our days of training.  I was honestly impressed with the delivery of the training as well as the career tips.  I would recommend National Auto Academy to anyone interested in a career in auto sales and customer service.

Alistair S.

Great class for people whom haven't been in the auto industry before, and a good refresher for the ones that left the auto industry.  Chris was very helpful to get me back on me feet and go in the direction of success.  I left the industry back in 2010 and recently just got back into it.  Money can be made in this industry with Hard work and Patience.  Thank you Chris and National Auto Academy for getting me back into the groove of selling cars.

Michael G.

My experience with the National Auto Academy is one that is insightful in every aspect of learning about the auto industry.  The tools and lessons learned have equipped me with the confidence to start a new career with much enthusiasm.  Looking forward to a new start to a great future!

Kevin A.

I love working with National Auto Academy! Lea has been very helpful in setting up interviews and getting me a job! She has been going above and beyond to find a job that is right for me.  I couldn't thank her enough for all her hard work and patience! National Auto Academy is definitely a great investment!

Ronald C.

National Auto Academy is a great company.  They give you the insight needed to make it in the auto business.  They also have a great job placement program.  If you lose your job or want to try a different dealership they help you do that just be patient.  I recommend Lia because she is great stays in contact and try's her best to find the perfect dealership for you.

Joe D.

I was trained by Lucia, and if you get a chance to have her as your trainer she will help you succeed.  I have been working for two weeks and I sold 6 vehicles!  I never sold cars before but she will teach you the tools that you need.  Thank You NAA!!!  Thank You Very Much Lucia!!!

Curtis F.

My time in National Auto Academy’s class was very educational and helpful towards my future in automotive sales.  Howard was very open booked and helpful for whatever I needed.  Over all my experience was delightful and very appreciative at the end of the whole ordeal.

Joseph M.

Great Program and Yes They Really Help You Get Placed, So really it's all on you to impress the General Manager, but they definitely get your foot in the door which is what really matters! And Lucia is phenomenal.  You will learn a lot in short period of time but only if you truly want it!

Jason A.

I had a great experience with National Auto Academy.  My instructor was Mike, and he was cool and he did a very good job with the class.  I learned a lot during the courses.  Only was 3 days but learned about a years worth of information.  Would do it all over again if I had to.  5 Stars and the placement program is very helpful!

Rell M.

If you want to take charge of your career and be in an industry that is both rewarding and affordable than the National Auto Academy can definitely assist you with that.  The training program is a steal for the amount of knowledge that they bestow on us, as well as the lifetime placement assistance.  It is by far the best way to get in the auto business, and with their assistance in no time you’ll hit the ground running.

Windshell P.

It was a fun interesting class with Chris and Mike.  My friend and 2 others had landed the job upfront because they had their license.  Me and someone else were told to get our license and go back.  So I recently got it, and I'm working with Lia from the Alumni Department to go back to the dealership.

John C.

My time spent with National Auto Academy has been nothing but a great experience! Mike T. was my instructor and I have learned a lot from him during my training.  I really love that they offer a lifetime placement service.  Lia from the placement department has been working with me and she worked hard to find the perfect dealership for me, and she checks up on me to see how things are going.  If I ever need help I know that NAA will help me get to the next step.

Abdullah M.

I love cars.  The training from National Auto Academy was a good opportunity to get into the industry.  Thank you Lucia for being such a nice Trainer! And also Thank you Lia for beIng so supportive!

Holly H.

I attended National Auto Academy in Virginia at the beginning of September 2014.  It has been one of the most rewarding career decisions I have made! Mike T is a great instructor.  He has instructed on Fords 9 step sales process making sales successful.  I was hired by the dealership immediately after finishing the course.  Thanks to Mike T and National Auto Academy for providing me with the knowledge and process to excel in industry.

Timothy D.

Great learning experience.  Learned a lot of new things I never knew about cars and selling cars.  Lucia is a great instructor.  She went into every little detail and tools we need to know in the auto sales industry !  Very excited to start this career.

Mahmoud F.

The presentations are smart, the class is fun, and the tools will help my career forever.  Highly recommend!

Jeanine J.

Joshua kept me updated and even called after my interview apt to check out how it went.  Great people!

Yeoshua F.

Howard was my trainer and he was great showed me a lot of good things and Lia is helping now find a new job.  National Auto Academy is on the ball! They know what there doing and they just want to help!

Sharif F.

I recently completed a course from the National Auto Academy.  The instructor was great.  She was very patient.  She made sure everybody understood the material before going on to the next subject.  After completing the course, Hailee, one of the account executive was very helpful.  She made sure all my concerns were considered while she helped me with job placement.  After just two interviews I was offered a job! It was in a very busy dealership and close to my home.  Completing the course and getting help from Hailee with job placement was a great experience from start to finish.

Rocco M.

This has been one of the best experiences I've had.  Mike is by far one of the best trainers, I would recommend National Auto Academy to anyone trying to start out in the sales business.

Micheal M.

I love National Auto Academy! Tiffany from the Alumni Department helped me find a job within a few days of me applying.  She was very nice.

Ladie S.

I would say my experience with this company has been very good.  The people are very nice and flexible.  I have been working with 2 ladies, one name Lia and another named Hallie, and they both have been very good with me.

Nate H.

Loved the awesome and eye-opening auto sales training with Lucia! Looking to get placed in a day or two.

Foluke O.

Definitely would recommend anyone looking to get started in sales to go through the National Auto Academy. It gave me a lot of skills to help me get started in sales and helped me start a career. Even when I decided to relocate to go back to school, they still helped me find a dealership that worked with my hours and that wasn't for away. Definitely look for your closest class offered by NAA!

Stefone B.

My experience with NAA was great.  The instructor was awesome.  Couldn't ask for a better teacher.  NAA assisted with placement in a dealership also.  So if you're really interested in a career in the auto business, NAA will definitely help you.  Thanks National Auto Academy!

Ruth S.

They are great and easy to work with. Mike Is the BEST trainer EVER!!!!

Ashley M.

National Auto Academy has helped me find a career in car sales.  I did pay for the class, but it was worth it for the simple fact that you are guaranteed job placement assistance no matter what.  It’s offer is a lifetime regardless circumstance, I would recommend anyone for a opportunity like this one, in which you can also grow.

Belinda M.

I recently took a class with National Auto Academy on how the whole car selling experience works.  I am very happy with everything I was taught and would recommend anyone to National Auto Academy!  I give them 5/5 stars.  Very helpful and very informative!

Bruce R.

I had my training in VA with Mike, and he showed me the ins and outs of the car business.  I thought I knew most of it going into the training but boy was I wrong! I’d recommend National Auto Academy to anyone looking to go into this field!!!!!!! A++++++++++++++++

John T.

National Auto Academy was able to teach me things I never knew, and they made me be able to approach people and find out what they like about a certain vehicle. Sophia and Suzanne were amazing and were able to help me be patient and get the job I needed.  Best company to be under is NAA!

Philip R.

I found job by help of NAA.  One of the Amazing Lady Hailee was very helpful and I am very grateful to her to help me out to find a job.

Girish P.

A skeptic by nature, I was guarded when initially contacted by an unknown and unsolicited recruiter well out of my home base.  NAA had evidently discovered my resume in an online data bank and asked me if I would be interested in interviewing for a position.  I had the time and despite being a bit more of a distance than I would prefer, I made the trek just to see what might come of it.  I could not be more pleased! I landed a dream job with a fabulous dealer group.  Finally, after 20 years in the business, I have found my home until retirement.  The principles, management and staff are all fantastic.  I cant thank these folks enough for leading me to this opportunity! Richer, happier, albeit it a bit wearier with the long commute...but all and all thrilled.

Robin F.