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I sat in the class with the students.  National Auto Academy’s training is at the university level.  The students did not have any downtime during the training process.  It was literally non-stop learning.  The trainer never lost the attention of anyone in the class.  In the end, we were presented with a substantial amount of students to choose from.  I would recommend National Auto Academy to anyone.

Jeff V., Clinton, NJ

We were very impressed, not only with National Auto Academy’s trainers, but the overall quality of the services provided.  The training was professional and up to date.  We were able to find qualified candidates to fill our sales and staffing needs.  We used other companies before and not one could even come close to National Auto Academy.

Kenneth P., Richmond, VA

We needed to fill new sales positions at the dealership and found National Auto Academy online.  They were a pleasure to work with.  They assisted us in recruiting and training multiple positions in our auto group.  Job well done.

Scott H., Atlanta, GA

National Auto Academy has professional trainers that come into the dealership to interview and train people on automotive sales, and they do that quite well.  They helped us immensely and our increased sales show it.

Mo Z., Kansas City, MO

Their trainer comes into the dealership and does all the interviewing and training for us.  They are professional individuals with automotive backgrounds.  Our trainer was a previous General Manager.  They understand how the industry works, and they help those looking to start a career.  We are happy to have National Auto Academy teaching at our dealerships.

Darren D., Dallas, TX

We have used other companies in the past with less than impressive results, so we decided to give National Auto Academy a chance.  They proved to use that there are good training companies out there.  They are professional and got us solid employees.  If you’re thinking about it, it’s a no-brainer.

William S., Salisbury, MD

The trainers at National Auto Academy take pride in their work.  We were able to fill our staffing needs and send the remaining students to one of our other stores since we could not use them all.  Great service!

Fred S., Enterprise, AL

At first we were not sure if National Auto Academy could help us with our staffing needs but after meeting with the trainer and seeing the level of professionalism, we were at ease.  The trainer got us an outstanding number of candidates and we filled all the positions that were needed.

Carl C., Provo, UT

The training provided by National Auto Academy is impressive.  They are not just teachers or instructors; they worked in the industry themselves and know how it works.  This helps the students understand this business.  They are truly the instructors of the automotive industry.  I would recommend them to anyone.

Ron L., Mt. Kisco, NY

The trainer was prompt and professional.  He was very knowledgeable of the auto industry and made sure the needs of the dealership were met, and he taught exactly what needed to be taught.  We would love to have not only National Auto Academy back in the future, but our trainer as well!

Scott C., Atlanta, GA

National Auto Academy did a great job at getting us the salespeople we needed.  The trainer provided us with a number of candidates to choose from.  We would definitely consider this route in the future.

Richard L., La Mesa, CA

The trainer was awesome! She was professional and well mannered, and she was very knowledgeable of the automotive industry.  She was able to assist us with filling the sales positions we needed.  We would love to have her back in the future.

Phillip F., Madison, NJ

The trainer was very professional.  She was able to assist our staffing needs and provide a nice size class for us to select from.  The training was spot on.  I am recommending National Auto Academy to all of our other stores.

Frederick S., Calabasas, CA

National Auto Academy provided us with a nice blend of candidates to choose from.  The overall quality was excellent.  We were able to fill the staffing needs at the dealership, and I also want to add that the training is professional and up to date.

Bruce C., Limerick, PA

We were extremely satisfied with NAA and the quality of training provided.  We were able to fulfill of our staffing needs.  They have a great program and have exceeded all my expectations!

Joe R., Lake Katrina, NY

National Auto Academy has a good training program.  Very informative.  The trainer they sent was very professional and his time interviewing candidates.  The class size was nice and provided a substantial amount of candidates.  We are definitely using them for all of our dealership training needs moving forward.

Sonny N., Austin, TX

We had a trainer from National Auto Academy come into the dealership to conduct interviews and sales training.  He was dressed to impress and very professional.  They are very knowledgeable in the automotive industry, and we will invite any of their trainers back at any time to assist with our staffing needs.

Phil M., Geona, IL

NAA’s trainers are professional and know the car business.  Everyone I spoke to has worked in the automotive industry themselves.  They are professional and address your staffing needs.  No complaints here at all.

Mike O., Quincy, IL

We needed salespeople.  National Auto Academy’s trainers come in and not only spend the time and effort interviewing, but they also found us stable employees that were ready to sell cars and make money.

Tyson M., Cross, UT

Their trainer was not only professional and determined to get the job done but also compassionate when it came to meeting with potential employees of the dealership.  They provided me with reasonable candidates to choose from.  We would use them again when the time comes.

John B., Prescott, AZ

The candidates offered to us from the training that was done by National Auto Academy were outstanding.  They were fully trained and ready to start selling on the floor.  We would recommend NAA to anyone who needs sales training.

Josh W., Fort Lauderdale, FL

National Auto Academy’s trainer was a pleasurable person.  He came in determined to assist the dealership with our staffing needs and was very interested in the type of employees we are looking for.  We will invite them back into the dealership in the future to train our staff.

Pat B., Charlotte, NC

The trainer was professional.  The class was a success and we were able to staff our showrooms.

Brian D., Cartsville, GA

Our staffing needs were filled with the help of National Auto Academy.  The trainer was professional and conducted the class in the same manner.  The candidates were eager to start working and make money.

Robert K., Port Author, TX

The interviewing and training done by National Auto Academy was very professional.  The candidates were obviously new, but they were the best green peas we ever saw.  Thumbs up!

Tim C., Chicago, IL

National Auto Academy came in our dealership and provided us with new salespeople by the end of a week of training.  We were allowed to pick those who we wanted to hire and all of them are now selling cars.  We are definitely using NAA in the future!

Dan F., Henderson, NV

The number of applicants we received at the time of class was minimal due to the weather, but the trainer made it work.  He had a lot of knowledge and did a great job training his students.  All of them are now hired at the dealership and doing great!

Elizabeth D., Buffalo, NY

We have always done our own training and interviewing in the past but decided to give National Auto Academy a try.  Best decision ever! Their trainers are professional and the training is current.  Their office people are outstanding as well.  They teach the basics and get the candidates excited.  We were able to spend the time needed in the end and it paid off.  We continue to use them!

Pete V., Provo, UT

Totally impressed with National Auto Academy! In the beginning we were only looking for two new salespeople, but we hired four since we saw the potential in them.  They went above and beyond our expectations!

Jeff B., Charlotte, NC

I have used other companies in the past but decided to use National Auto Academy to see what they have to offer.  They sent me a very pleasurable and professional trainer.  His communication was exceptional and he paid attention to our needs and what we were looking for.  In the end he got us 3 good people and originally we only wanted 2.  I would definitely use them in the future!

Jim S., Logansport, IN

Trainer did a great job.  We wanted 4 salespeople and we got that.  He also provided a summary to us at the end of the day on each person in the class so we could make an educated decision when the time came to hire.

Chris D., Lebanon, NH

National Auto Academy’s trainer came dressed in a suit.  Very impressive.  He sat down with us and addressed our needs.  The classes were intense and informative.  He was very professional and knew his product.  We already have plans to invite him back in a couple months!

Walter T., Houston, TX

National Auto Academy does training right.  Very academic in nature, not like most of these so-called training companies in this industry.  We are so glad we found them.

John S., White Plains, NY

The training provided from National Auto Academy is not only professional and impressive, but up to date with this ever-changing industry.  The graduates we hired were excited and ready to sell cars.

Rob M., Middletown, CT

We are extremely impressed with the trainer from National Auto Academy.  She was not only professional but detailed when it came to the interview and training process.  She not only made sure everyone understood the processes, but she also used her own experiences to help the students.  At the end of the week we had more than enough students to pick from.

Phil F., Madison, NJ

National Auto Academy showed up at the dealership on a mission.  The trainer had a suit and tie on.  He not only presented himself with a certain level of professionalism but continued to hold himself to high standards throughout the entire process.  He was very knowledgeable of the auto industry and made sure the students understood what he was teaching.

Chris B., Clarksville, TN

In the beginning we were only looking for 2 positions to fill.  Since National Auto Academy did such a great job at training, we actually hired more than we needed.  It worked out for the best because all of them are now selling vehicles.  We are definitely using them again in the future.

Bob B., Drexel Hill, PA

Very impressed with the level of training.  The students were constantly busy learning.  There is no down time.  The number of students at the end was excellent.  It gave us a nice variety to choose from.  And the best part is they continue to place students after the fact.

Jeremy M., Medford, MA

The trainer from National Auto Academy was exceptional.  She showed a level of professionalism that we did not expect.  She took consideration when it came to our needs, and the end product was outstanding: good numbers of graduates to choose from.

Jack J., Baton Rouge, LA

The training provided by National Auto Academy was outstanding.  The constant traffic of interviews was great.  In the end we hired double what we were looking for. 

Jamie M., Austin, TX

Where was this company 28 years ago when I started? I could have definitely benefitted from National Auto Academy’s classes! We used other companies in the past but this company is by far the best, and it shows in their students.  All of them are already selling cars!

Jeff H., Killeen, TX

National Auto Academy takes pride in the training they conduct and that is shown with their trainers.  They show up dressed for the job and they get the job done.  Very professional and considerate.  We are using them from now on for all our staffing needs.

Dennis P., Roslyn, NY

The trainer that was sent to use from National Auto Academy was prompt and cooperative.  He showed a level of knowledge of the auto industry that was impressive.  He ran dealerships for years.  The class size was outstanding.  We were able to hire what we needed and wish we could have used more.  Very well trained individuals.

Jeff B., Charlotte, NC

Due to the level of informed training that National Auto Academy provides, the students that we hired lasted.  This caused us not to hold another class for over 3 months.  When the time came again, the trainer showed back up and gave us good candidates again.  We are very impressed and like the level of training they provide.

James T., Atlanta, GA

In the beginning we were not sure if the trainer would be able to provide us with the kind of candidates we were looking for.  We used other companies in the past and it just didn’t work out.  National Auto Academy trainers are different.  They know how the system works and what it takes to sell cars in this business.  They are perfect.  I would recommend them to every dealership I know for their staffing needs.

Mike H., Rock Hill, SC

The overall quality of the candidates in training was impressive.  They were all ready to start working and not afraid to take ups.  The trainer did his job but also went above and beyond.  Great job!

Richard L., La Mesa, CA

The training provided by National Auto Academy is impressive.  When the students leave at the end of each day they are ready for the next.  They come ready to learn and want to sell cars at the end of the week.  They also last.  Couldn’t be happier.

David W., Alta Vista, VA

National Auto Academy’s trainer showed up in a nicely pressed jacket and tie.  He introduced himself professionally and took note to they type of sales people we require for our establishment.  He provided a level of training that quite frankly, we didn’t expect.  We would love to have this trainer back in the future to train our sales and BDC staff!

Bo W., Tucson, AZ

The training that National Auto Academy gives is great.  They keep the student’s attention and involve them in all the aspects of training.  They gave us more than what was needed so we could pick the best of the best.

Mike P., Philadelphia, PA

Having a trainer that knows the local area is a big help.  He was very helpful when it came to what we were looking for.  The training provided was exceptional.

David K., Macon, GA

National Auto Academy was presented a challenge with having to staff multiple sales positions within 2 different stores and they nailed it.  The trainer provided an exceptional level of training, and we got all the positions filled.

Bill S., Brodheadsville, PA.