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Service Advisement (Module VI)

Being a top-performing Service Advisor is an art all of its own.
Course Description: 

Service Advisors are the face of a dealership’s service department.

They are the people customers see first, not only for routine maintenance, but also when they have problems with their vehicles.  Being a successful Service Advisor takes skill – not only do customers have to like you, but they have to trust your advice.  In addition to that, you must be able to successfully sell additional services and products while genuinely trying to make a friend – a friend that will continue to come back to you for service and maintenance over and over again for the lifespan of his or her vehicle.

This course is designed to teach an individual who has no experience in the service department how to be a successful Service Advisor.

Just like our Introduction to Auto Sales course, you can consider this our introduction course for service advisement; however, this course is not just for beginners.  Current Service Advisors benefit immensely from this course because of its thorough nature: the instructors who teach this course have decades worth of experience in high volume, high profit service departments, and your instructor will essentially teach you what it takes to be extremely successful in your service advisement career.  The entire service process is taught from how to properly greet a customer to vehicle pick-up and follow up.  

Graduates receive a National Auto Academy Module VI certification.  This certification also comes with lifetime job placement assistance (United States only), along with all other Alumni benefits offered.  

Open to all
Please Note: 
This is the same course that dealerships and auto groups all across the United States use to teach not only new Service Advisers, but to also teach existing staff to in order to improve their processes, skills, customer satisfaction, and ultimately profits.