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Advanced Auto Sales (Module II)

Becoming a six figure salesperson starts here.
Module 2
Course Description: 

What is the difference between a $50,000 per year salesperson and a $100,000 per year salesperson? Both individuals are sitting in the same showroom selling the same vehicles to the same customers and even have the same managers.  Both individuals work the same amount of hours and even use the same phone system and computer system.  Both individuals have also passed all the same testing, and both individuals received the same exact certifications from their state and their manufacturer.

So why is one person earning twice as much as the other? This course answers that question.  But more importantly, this course teaches you how to become that six figure salesperson.

Advanced Auto Sales continues where the Introduction to Auto Sales course ends.  A short recap of the sales process, as covered in the introduction course, along with advanced sales and negotiating techniques are taught.  Students will walk away with a better understanding of credit and credit reports, financing, leasing, and negotiating.  Emphasis is placed on increasing gross while still maintaining high CSI.  We will focus on very specific things throughout the automotive sales process that six figure salespeople do on a daily basis.  There is a reason why National Auto Academy teaches at some of the largest, most profitable dealerships in the country – this course is it.

Module I
Please Note: 
Graduates receive a National Auto Academy Module II certification. This certification also comes with lifetime job placement assistance (United States only), along with all other Alumni benefits offered. (Experienced sales associates are encouraged to first complete Module I for a firm understanding of NAA’s overall sales process, for it might differ from your current sales processes).