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Our students come first

National Auto Academy is the nation’s most prestigious and trusted automotive sales academy for a reason: our students come first.  Our instructors are all industry professionals who have held various positions within dealerships and understand how important a well-trained staff is.  Above being industry leaders, our instructors are all teachers at heart.  Dealership personnel are the face of the organization, and special care needs to be given to each individual person to ensure he or she has all the tools, education, and knowledge needed to perform the tasks at hand.  This uniform attention to detail that stretches the entire corporate ladder can only be found in the academy, and it is this attention to detail that makes us the true educators of the automotive industry.

Going beyond the basics
Our results are superior for one reason – we study education.

Not only do we teach our students the basics of the automotive industry and the specifics for the positions the classes cover, but we go beyond the dealership and teach close reading, critical thinking, and leadership.  These skills are needed to not only survive, but to succeed in this industry.

Hand-picked instructors

National Auto Academy prides itself on its rigorous instructor screening and also encourages instructors to further their own education by taking accredited coursework.  Our instructors are a typical, and our pedagogy has been honed over thousands of classroom hours.  The result of our training is nothing less than lethal.  Our students hit the floor running, and many Introduction to Auto Sales graduates sell their first car within their very first week!

We are here so you can accomplish your goals

Whether it is proper phone etiquette, how to give an outstanding walk-around, prospecting, the dos and don’ts of sales meetings, understanding debt ratios, or how to desk a deal, National Auto Academy has a course and an instructor to ensure you accomplish your goals.