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  • Art S.

    Art has spent his entire adult life in the auto industry, and he has an unwavering passion for helping others grow through coaching and training.  He became an instructor after two decades of dealership experience and brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to his classrooms.  Art has held every position within a dealership, working his way up to an Executive General Manager before joining National Auto Academy in order to help and mentor others with their careers.  He not only has experience in high volume, high profit stores, but he also has multiple certifications in sales, fixed operations, and financial management.  Art truly has a passion for teaching, and his students of all levels benefit immensely from his classes.

  • Chi L.
    Chi L.

    Chi started in the automotive industry by attending one of National Auto Academy’s Introduction to Auto Sales courses and was placed at a high volume dealership in New York City after graduating.  As he amusingly puts it, “I sold eight cars my first week on the sales floor and the rest is history!” Chi has held several management positions throughout his career where he enjoyed training dealership new hires.  After learning about an opening for a NYC trainer at National Auto Academy, he quickly applied and rose through the ranks training at a national level at some of America’s largest dealerships.  Chi is now the Director of Training and can still be found not only teaching new hires at dealerships throughout the country, but also training new NAA trainers as well.

  • Chris G.

    Chris has been in the auto industry for over 25 years and has not only worked on the sales side of the dealership, but he has mastered the service side as well.  He has held almost every single position inside a dealership including being a top producing Service Advisor.  He has a degree in business administration as well as degrees in management training and parts inventory control.  In addition to his academic background, Chris also has received awards from Ford Motor Company for outstanding customer satisfaction in the northeast region of the United States.  He is skilled in various CRM’s including ADP and Reynolds & Reynolds.  Not only does Chris teach sales and management classes for National Auto Academy, he is also the lead instructor for our Service Advisor classes.  You can find Chris on the road teaching in dealerships and can also see him teaching live classes in our online school.

  • Coslyn C.

    With over 13 years of management experience in the automotive industry with an impressive track record that has produced over 6 million in annual sales, Coslyn brings an incredible amount of real world knowledge into his classrooms.  He is an energetic, process-driven General Sales Manager who is well versed in all aspects of the automotive industry including new and used operations.  In addition to that, he has sound technical knowledge and excellent interpersonal skills.  While using effective employee training programs in dealerships, he has increased profits and improved customer satisfaction and retention.  He is an award willing General Sales Manager with a demonstrated ability to hire and develop successful staff and increase sales.  Fluent with industry specific software such as Vauto, ADP, Reynolds & Reynolds, Contact Management, and MMR, as well as knowledgeable in social media and other lead response programs.  If you're looking to whip your sales floor into shape while increasing production and customer satisfaction, Coslyn is the trainer to do it.

  • Frank D.
    Frank D.

    Frank has been in the auto industry for over 23 years.  He started as a salesperson and was promoted to Business Manager after eighteen months of selling cars.  He successfully worked as a finance manager for the next eight years and always held above average gross profit and warranty penetration levels.  After finance, he became a desk manager for a GMC store and quickly put in place policies and procedures that increased sales and gross profits.  For the next ten years he worked as a General Sales Manager and consistently raised volume and profits for various dealers in the northeast.  Through his management career, he became proficient at training salespeople and building successful sales teams: “I learned to train salespeople through experience and not theory,” he states, “I learned to teach salespeople to build a ‘like affair’ with customers and really spent my time getting to know their customer’s wants and needs.  This allows the salesperson to command more money for vehicles, and it also gives a better customer experience by not being confrontational but always remaining in control of the sales process.”  Frank now enjoys teaching various classes for NAA and feels his career has shaped him into the successful trainer he is today.

  • Greg G.

    Greg’s background includes several years as president of G-Tech Solutions.  He markets a line of computers called Intel Classmate Netbooks/Notebooks computers and software designed toward the education field. Previously to this he was involved with JM Family Enterprises/ Southeast Toyota Distributors in Deerfield Beach Fl.  Conducting sales training seminars in the SE US. Prior to Toyota Greg was the Corporate Training Manager with World-Wide VW Corp/Porsche-Audi Eastern in NY.  Greg is a native of South Dakota.  He currently lives in Boca Raton; FL.  He is member of board of directors with the Boca Raton Computer Society and  several civic organizations. In his spare time, Greg enjoys working out, playing golf, biking, traveling and enjoying life.

  • Howard D.

    Howard began his career in the auto industry in 1978 as a salesman, after 7 years in the fast food business.  He quickly advanced into management and after a few years as Sales Manager was offered a General Sales Manager position.  He continued his fast paced advancement and moved to Connecticut to become a General Manager and the rest is History.  Since then Howard has held several positions in the auto industry, such as VP and General Manager of a Multi-Line dealer group, and a Used Car Director of a large dealer group.  He has served on many committees as well as the Board of Directors of many manufacturer dealer groups and advertising committees.  His passion for the business shows in his exuberance in class and students become excited about embarking on their new career.  He gets an incredible amount of pleasure and pride to see his students, as well as all the men and women who have worked with and have been trained by Howard over the years, become successful.  Many have gone on to become managers themselves even dealers Howard also has a passion for dogs.  He volunteers at the local animal shelter as well opening his home to foster labs waiting for permanent homes.

  • Jim -  trainer with National Auto Academy
    Jim S.

    Being the #1 salesperson is the road that paved the way for Jim to be a trainer with National Auto Academy.  Even though he might not have three decades of experience in the auto industry, the years he has are solid.  On the sales floor, Jim was consistently on top of the board, and now as a trainer he trains for one of the largest auto groups in the United States, ensuring they get top performers at all the stores he goes to.

  • John K.

    John has over two decades worth of experience in the automotive industry.  He specializes in ultra-high-line vehicles such as Lamborghini and Bentley.  He has successfully been a Sales Manager and Finance Manager for these jaw-dropping brands, and now he brings his knowledge of sales, finance, and interpersonal skills to his classes at National Auto Academy.  If anyone knows how to sweep a customer off his feet to the point where he will write you a check for over a quarter million dollars, it’s John.  Customer service and a “wow” experience is his specialty.

  • Lucia M.

    Lucia is a dealership professional with over twenty five years’ experience in the automotive industry in both domestic and foreign markets such as Lexus, Toyota, Lincoln and Nissan.  She specializes in dealer training, sales and service management, CRM Systems, dealer efficiency, BDC/internet departments, and lease and retail retention.  Her training consists of teaching exciting, efficient process and procedures throughout the dealership so the employees and managers know what is expected of them, as well as effectively optimizing daily production while giving the customer the ultimate experience.  When starting out on the sales floor, Lucia achieved Top 50 Sales and Leasing Consultant for both Toyota and Lincoln/Mercury for 5 consecutive years.  The auto industry has been a passion for Lucia and she looks forward to bringing her energy and experience to your dealership.